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PowerPlastics Pool Covers manufacture an innovative range of pool cover solutions, taking an insightful approach to product development and promoting a lifestyle choice, not just a pool cover. Our solutions are always innovative, directly addressing issues affecting South African pool owners. Our skilled sales teams understand the market and the common pain points of pool owners, advise on the most appropriate cover solution, supported by a technical team who ensure perfect fitments and installations. Our superior manufacturing and locally unparalleled designs combined with an unfailing customer centric approach are what sets us apart in the industry.

Child Pool Safety

Preventing child drownings

Child pool safety is of paramount importance at PowerPlastics Pool Covers, giving parents peace of mind with the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, one of the most effective and easy to use methods of securing your pool on the market. This cover will be an approved pool safety device when Pool Safety By-Laws are passed. We are educators in this field too and consistently seek to educate parents on the drowning risk of open pools. PowerPlastics Pool Covers is also the founder of educational blog TopStep, the home of pool safety, an online platform for both the industry and public to better understand the nature of child drownings and local legislative requirements.


Eco-friendly pools

Going green and shrinking carbon footprints with PowerPlastics Pool Covers

With our superior thermal pool covers using the very latest material innovations in this field, PowerPlastics Pool Covers is now widely regarded as the leading supplier of covers for the eco-conscious pool owner.


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Wind Protection

While most GeoBubble covers don’t need Wind Protection, certain areas do experience strong enough winds to warrant this. Wind Protection prevents the cover lifting from the pool and avoids having to remove the cover entirely in high winds. In winds over 65km/hr, the cover must be removed from the pool to avoid damage.

Replacement items for the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

In the case of damage, the following components on the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover...


Introduced in 2012, GeoBubble, is a new material for our thermal covers—EnergyGuard, Sol+Guard and Thermal Imported.. 25% more resilient than a traditional thermal cover, the lifespan is extended and the chemical and energy efficiencies instantly lower your pool’s carbon footprint. A GeoBubble thermal cover also performs significantly better in respect of heat retention.

Use and care of Thermal Covers

Use and care of Thermal Covers Handling Always handle the pool covers with care and...

South Africa’s pool safety champion

Child safety around pools is of paramount importance at PowerPlastics Pool Covers,...

Eco-friendly pools with the latest material innovations

With our superior thermal pool covers using the very latest material innovations in this...

Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat your pool

Sol+Guard—high performance heating cover For pool owners wishing to increase their pool...

Customer Centric

Our skilled sales teams understand the market and the common pain points of pool owners,...